I Am Not a Cyclist

Not exactly what the blog title implies, but it’s true – I’m not. I’m no more a cyclist than I am an astronaut (I’m not an astronaut). Consider the following: I do not shave my legs, I own just one bike, I ride without Lycra shirts (who wants to see a fat guy in Lycra?), own no team or race jerseys. I still get a rookie mark with every ride. At best I am a cycling enthusiast and that’s okay with me. Besides, have you seen what an elite, Grand Tour cyclist looks like?


Michael Rasmussen, Danish pro cyclist

I know I’m fat but that’s disturbing…

So why Forged Cyclist then? A couple of reasons. I’m uncreative and I’ve owned the Forge Cycle web domain for the better part of 7 years (despite that motorcycle business being closed for the better part of 5…or 6). That my new found passion is still 2 wheels lends itself nicely to glomming onto the “cycle” bit and if you’re going to improve at anything, say like riding a bike (or writing a blog) it’s going to take effort, to wit: forge – to form or bring into being especially by an expenditure of effort.

To call this blog Forged Cyclist is not so much a statement of today but a compass heading. Perhaps Forging a Cycling Enthusiast instead?

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